Our inspiration is Tony Halik – traveler, journalist, writer, creator of the television series Pepper and Vanilla, and above all, a cult figure for every globetrotter. His remarkable body of work, in the form of numerous publications, photography and film, is an inspiration and canvas for the project CINEMAYA PANAMERICANA. The project is our way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Halik`s Panamerican expedition. Moreover, during our trip, in January 2013, we celebrate his 90th birthday.

The aim of the project is to travel in the footsteps of the Polish traveler, and remind of his person and present it to younger generations. Itinerary includes Central and South America, and the route is a reflection of what Halik described in his books 180 000 kilometers of adventure and My greatest adventure.

We want to explore the most significant changes in small indigenous communities 50 years after Halik´s adventure comparing his vision back then with ours today. The domains of changes we are most interested in are those related to people´s sustainability and quality of life, the nature of people´s participation in their communities and other changes. Is their culture more accessible to the Western world? How the type of tourism promoted shapes intercultural exchanges between cultures? How is the 21st century world of ancient cultures? These and other emerging questions we will try to find answers!

We also wish to promote Polish culture and heritage by offering a cinema experience through children’s animations produced by Se-ma-for, Lodz Film’s Cool movies and documentaries of Tony Halik. We hope that the projections and the common experience of cinema, will work as a cultural mirror in which, us travelers and the local communities will be encouraged to reflect on the changes in the modern world. So the educational value of the project works on several levels – both locally and globally. Fusion of past and present is a kind of multicultural experiment, a game of memories and images, which will allow us to deliver the spirit of the time traveling through the regions.

The expedition began on November 15, 2012 in Mexico, District Federal leading us to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. Estimated project duration is one year.

CINEMAYA PANAMERICANA 2012-2013 experience will create a documentary along the expedition describing the process on this blog.